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How to Assemble an Instagram-Worthy Bachelorette Favor

Bachelorette Flatlay

Are you planning a Bachelorette Weekend and wondering how to put together an amazing goody bag that your guests will actually WANT to take home (and post Instagram pictures of)? Well, we had that exact task just a couple of months ago as we were planning a weekend of wine tasting and relaxing in Santa Barbara for the bride-to-be and her 10 closest friends. Here are our top tips on creating a gorgeous take-home treat!

  1. Use the location of the Bachelorette weekend as your gift bag theme. In our case, the weekend centered around wine tasting & relaxation in Santa Barbara.
  2. Order a cute tote bag that all the guests can use during the weekend (and afterwards). Our favorite vendor is Finch + Fox who made our amazing "Rose All Day" totes!
  3. Find the perfect thematic items to put in the tote bag. We wanted tdo emphasize drinking wine and California vibes, so we selected: 1) Sugarfina's "Rose All Day" candy cubes, 2) Chateau Labiotte's wine lip tint, 3) Kate Aspen's palm tree bottle opener and 4) heart-shaped sunnies. We also gifted the bride-to-be a special "Bride" wine glass by ChalkFullofLove.
  4. Present the gift bags on the first evening to welcome the guests and kick of the weekend right!

P.S. For hours of photo fun, we highly recommend a custom Instagram frame by Social Cutouts!

Photography by Michelle Min

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