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Moms: We know how you REALLY want to be celebrated today!

Black Twine Mother's Day Ideas

As moms of young children, we have been looking forward to Mother's Day for the past 364 days!  We have compiled OUR TOP 10 IDEAS FOR A PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY:

  1. Sleeping until 8AM, or <gasp> 9AM!!Black Twine sleeping
  2. Brunch - but today, leave it to someone else to feed and cleanup the kids!Black Twine croissants
  3. Gym class- haven't been to the gym in a while?  Today is as good of a day as any to get reacquainted! Black Twine gym
  4. Nap - for the whole familyBlack Twine nap
  5. Crafts – to RECEIVE handmade crafts, not to actually make themBlack Twine crafts
  6. Personal care time – indulge in a mini spa-treatment at home - put on a beauty sheet mask and chase the kids around the house! Warning: the screaming may negate effects of the treatment.Black Twine spa
  7. Gab time - as in, locking yourself in a bathroom and finally calling one of your best girlfriends - you know, the one you've played phone tag since one (or both) of you became moms!Black Twine gab session
  8. TV - the perfect day to finally binge watch all of the episodes of Little Big Lies (again).Black Twine TV
  9. Meditation - aka alone time that may or may not turn into another nap.Black Twine meditation
  10. Cuddles - mandatory from all of the children in the household, on demand.Black Twine cuddles

Hope this list provide a bit of inspiration!  Enjoy today!  You deserve it!

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